The Artist


Making little distinction between work and play, I am always doing both in the pursuit of creativity, regardless of medium, subject or activity.

An experienced traveler and lover of cultural array, you’re as likely to find me fly fishing as you are at the symphony. A chronic perfectionist, and confessed adrenaline junkie, I often find it hard to sit still, but find peace as much in the creative process as the hypnotic spell of a campfire.

My photography often synthesizes documentary and studio genres; though I feel subject, thematic, and stylistic exploration is essential.  My personal work runs the gamut, but consistently seems to come back to people and culture in exploration of the exceptionalities and commonalities of human life, the times in which we live.

I am inspired to photograph a good many subjects, and endeavor never to be pigeon-holed with what I do. Maintaining this variety keeps me inspired, passionate, and always on my toes. I believe strongly in collaboration. The creative process should be fun and engender community. That type of energy and openness is what yields great work. That type of liveliness is what fuses work and play.

STREET CRED: Stephanie began her career as a photojournalist and writer at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Dallas Fort-Worth Star. Her fine art and personal work has been published on the cover of Photographer’s Forum Magazine, and inside various other anthologies and publications. She has exhibited in solo art shows, group exhibitions, auctions and publications in Chicago, Milwaukee and Dallas. In addition to photography, Stephanie will make her documentary debut as cinematographer and co-director/producer on the film “Lion in the Street.” She is also a member of the American Child Photographers Charity Guild(ACPCG).