Chicago Blizzard 2011: Adding to the Tapestry of Stories

Chicago Blizzard 2011

Since the slow of the wedding season my efforts have been diverted my other projects. We’re making headway again on Lion in the Street post-production, and I’ve spent an afternoon experimenting with light at Your Shooting Space in Chicago this month. Both I hope to blog about coming up. But this week’s winter storm brought a welcome day of pure photographic fun and adventure. Stories of perilous commutes and hours of shoveling are echoing each other across the web today, and I thought I’d add to the tapestry with a few photographs of the aftermath in the Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park. Once the last band of snow and wind lifted from the city, a photog buddy and I hit the streets to see what had transpired. To see more, hit the jump.

We’ll have to see if I later regret the decision to shoot rather than dig my car out today. That could be one hell of an igloo later! 

As deep as the snow was in the neighborhood, the drifting by the lakefront was insane. As we made our way toward the shore, we happened upon many drifts and plow mounds leaving vehicles virtually burried. 

With the temps dropping and the wind chill ramping up, the lakeshore itself was as beautiful as it was bitter.

If you have any photos of the storm or its aftermath posted to the web, throw your link in the comments below. I’d love to see them. I hope you are all staying safe and warm this week, and maybe even getting out to make your own fun. Next up for me, comfort films, comfort clothes, and comfort food. Nothing better than Netflix, sweats, and grilled cheese with tomato soup to top off a snow day!

~ by Stephanie Book on February 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Chicago Blizzard 2011: Adding to the Tapestry of Stories”

  1. This is cool, I mean Cold.

  2. Amazing! Look at Facebook to see photos by Annette & Mike, Barb & Mike, & Carol & Rich. I’m glad I live in Tennessee.

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