On Location: Senior Photos

On a recent trip to the beautiful upper peninsula of Michigan I had the opportunity to do some shooting with family. My cousin, Adam, is graduating high school next year. We shot in the last two hours leading into sunset around the lake and on the lakefront property of our grandparents. I captured these primarily using the sun as a hair light, and pocket wizards to fire two off-camera strobes (side keylight and on axis fill). What’s great about what we did for his location is that not only does it mean something to him personally, but it also will be a unique location to those in his graduating class. View the slideshow from Adam’s shoot below.

~ by Stephanie Book on July 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “On Location: Senior Photos”

  1. Thanks, Robyn! My mother tells me about the group. Nice to hear from you.

  2. Steph, you don’t know me but I have coffee with your mom every Friday. She always talks about what a talented photographer you are and I can see why. These photos are GREAT!!! Robyn

  3. The best Senoir photos I’ve ever seen….Love them all! Poor Judy…how to choose which photos to print.

  4. Hey Charail, thanks for the comment! Don’t know if I’ll run into you, but I’ll be seeing Jessica on Sunday. Hope you have a good visit too!

  5. Steph, these look amazing! Nice work!

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