Cookbook Project – becoming a cook

Not having a natural inclination for cooking, I have to say I am pretty proud of myself that a month from my first post I have in fact completed four recipes. And, I have actually found myself enjoying the cooking part of the project as much as the photography and eating parts! This weekend I had the honor of cooking my grandmother’s Porcupine Meat Balls for my father and mother. Dad says they were just as good as grandma makes, so it was nice to have an experienced tasting judge. And my mother was able to teach me some helpful vegetable chopping and sauce thickening techniques.

As I photograph more recipes, the styling of the food is becoming easier and harder. In some ways, I am getting more comfortable making styling decisions. In other ways it is getting harder, because I am running out of plate ware. I want to have variety in each setting, and right now I am starting to risk repeats. Thinking I may head to a Goodwill or resale shop and pick up an eclectic selection of dishes for future shoots.  

Enjoy the photos of the new recipes after the jump, and Bon Appetite! Click



 Porcupine Meat Balls


Valveeta Egg Casserole


~ by Stephanie Book on May 31, 2010.

One Response to “Cookbook Project – becoming a cook”

  1. “As usual Steph, I’m proud of ya!” Says G-ma
    Auntie Lois says, “Me too!”

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