New Album Vendor

I have been awaiting this book to be made so I could share some photos here. I started working with KISS Albums at the end of last year, and their books are beautiful! The ordering interface is super easy to work with, and the production updates they send are wonderful, so I always know what stage of production they are in with my order. The craftsmanship of the book that arrived is really quality, the printing is brilliant in color and crystal sharp. I’m really looking forward to delivering this book to the bride and groom. 

This album is for Kala and Andy, friends whose wedding I shot in September. I am actually traveling to the east coast soon, so I get to hand deliver this book to them, which is just the cherry on top! I’m looking forward to seeing their home, and reconnecting over lobster and cocktails during my visit. I know Andy and Kala will know just the place to hit!!

To view more images of the KISS Album, hit the jump below.

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~ by Stephanie Book on January 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “New Album Vendor”

  1. YEAH!! YEAH!!! I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I am so excited! AND YEAH to cocktails and lobsters!

  2. Thanks, Hari! Trying to stay warm. Playing with new camera toys indoors this weekend. Bought a Rodeo stereo mic for my camera so I can start shooting videos.

  3. Sweet! Quite impressive, Steph!

    Hope you’re staying warm; haven’t left the apt in days! Even had the driver pick up packs of DRUM tobacco for me!

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