Family ties bring the year full circle

I just returned from sharing the holidays with my family in the upper penninsula of Michigan, and dropped my brother at the airport for his trip back to Tulsa. He flew up to Chicago this year and hitched with me for the long drive north. I don’t get to see Tom all that often, so having the extra time in the car and at my apartment together was nice. And though time with my family has always been special to me, I give special thanks for it again this year. You often hear people groan a little at the holidays about family. I understand, families are eccentric and often contain dramatic characters, but I feel so fortunate in my family. Our eccentricities and dramas are dwarfted by the levels of love and laughter we share each time we are together. I always say, no one makes me laugh the way my brother can, and nothing centers and grounds me more than coming home, especially before the start of a new year. Families are our roots.

Whenever my brother is up for the holidays, the two of us take a day to ski the hill in Iron River. And to our luck, this year our favorite trail at Ski Brule was open, Timber Dooddle, a narrow run that twists and winds through the trees. We must have spent at least half the day skiing just that one trail, challenging each other to ski harder on each run. We even hit Double Dooddle, the double black diamond version, before the end of the day.

I’m so glad you came up, Tom! Maybe we can aim for Thanksgiving mountain biking again in Tennessee next year! Oh, and thanks for still trying to make me laugh, even after I caught that head cold and was a little grouchy. (wink)

I hope you all found time this year to get outside and enjoy the winter season and laugh the way you can only with family!

~ by Stephanie Book on December 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “Family ties bring the year full circle”

  1. Hi Norine, Thanks for writing. I remember you, though it has been a while since I have been to lower Michigan, as my mother shares photos with me everytime she visits with family there. It sure would be nice if we had another one of those great potluck reunions we used to have so we could all catch up again. Happy new year to you and yours too!

  2. Stephanie, It’s great to hear about your family fun and time with Tom. The extended family rarely gets together and we haven’t seen cousins in years…My family is soooo small now with our parents both gone and the boys in LA for years. But it is always wonderful to spend time with Roxanne and Pam, and we only live three blocks apart now!
    Happy New Year to you and those you love!
    from a cousin I’m sure you barely remember : )

  3. It was nice having you here for the holidays. We enjoyed your visit, and are looking forward to your next…hopefully this summer. Love You, G-ma

  4. Stephanie, having you & Tom come to the U.P. for Christmas is always special for the rest of the family, too. Playing dominoes was fun. Especially since G-ma & I won.
    Lots of Love, MoM

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