Portrait of a Musician

I love the variety in my work – from the subject matter I get to shoot, to the wonderful couples I get to celebrate with at weddings, to the talented artists with which I get to create. 

I recently had a second opportunity to shoot with drummer/percussionist/songwriter Ryan Schiedermayer.  Ryan is a member and co-leader of Streetlife, the award-winning Milwaukee Bucks house band, and he tours nationally and abroad with several other bands.  We had originally worked together when I did some cover art and headshots for the band Solset in 2007.  A couple of these images Ryan also used in the back exterior and interior disk case design for Sentido, a new album he co-wrote and co-produced. Ryan also performed with several talented musicians and vocalists to complete the album, a sound that blends Latin, Contemporary Jazz, and R&B music with organic percussive elements.

To read more about the shoot with Ryan, hit the jump below.


Currently gearing up for the official realease of this album, Ryan needed to update his library of headshots/portraits. With such an array of percussive instruments, we certainly were not at a loss for props to feature his variety. And with some lighting tweaks here and there, I think we were able to get a couple different looks while keeping the work consistent enough to create a bit of a style throughout. Below are a few selects from the shoot.

Ryan, I’m looking forward to toasting your release. Excellent album. Congrats and best of luck! 

~ by Stephanie Book on December 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Portrait of a Musician”

  1. Hey Chris, Thanks for the comment on the mobile version! I have never known how well that translates.

  2. Looks great, Stephanie!

  3. Hell yeah, Milwaukee represent 😉 Great shots!

    p.s. The mobile version of tis site is working flawlessly 😀

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