New Photography Packaging

 I’m so excited to share some of the elements of my new packaging this week! It’s a great initiative in continuing to build my branding, and a wonderful way to show my clients how much I appreciate their choice to book with my studio. This sample is packaging for digital negative or video DVD delivery. I purchased many of the elements of the packaging in bulk, and hand-assemble each piece. 


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Pretty proud of my bow tying skills! Check out that perfectly tied polka-dot bow.


I also started a referral program for my clients. Most of my new business comes from referrals from past clients, and I really wanted to show them my appreciation. I know there are a lot of photographers for couples to choose from, and when you are planning a wedding or choosing a photographer to create portraits of your family, making those choices can be overwhelming. Many couples will trust in the experience of another. I send each client a card telling them about the program, and if they are happy with their experience with my studio, urging them to spread the word and help another couple. For their support of the studio I send them a gift card as a thank you. I print a personalized referral program card for each client that features a photo from their own wedding or portraiture session.



In planning a clients portrait session, and especially in photographing a couple’s wedding, I get to know each of them quite well. I spend a lot of time with them and share in important moments in their lives. And I am admittedly a romantic deep down, so I am touched by each story I am lucky tell. I love to add the personal touches to each client’s products! And I love sending every client a hand written note along with their products.



And of course, we’ve coordinated all the finishing touches, from the branded stickers to use as envelope seals or to keep tissue paper wraps closed, to the mailing labels. This package was mailed to Dana & Luke this week, a great couple with some beautiful photographic wedding memories. I wrote to them both, that had they asked me each day I was editing their work which image was my favorite, I promise you I would have had a different one!


I’ll be sending out an album to a couple next month assembled by a vendor I am so excited to work with. Their albums are just gorgeous, and I’m looking forward to sharing images of the book when it arrives!

~ by Stephanie Book on October 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “New Photography Packaging”

  1. Very cool packaging!

  2. interesting

  3. Wow, the presentation is incredible! 😀 Nice Job!! 😉

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