Holly & Adam – Kicking off the Regional Season


The first wedding post of the season, and a heavy season for regional celebrations this year. Heading through Wisconsin, Michigan and Northwest Illinois, an interesting twist is half of this year’s season being shot outside of the Chicago-land area. 

Holly and Adam kicked it off in Appleton, Wisconsin in May. Not only were they a beautiful couple, but they had an extraordinarily fun wedding party.  Shooting with this bunch was like hanging out with your own friends, and that level of comfort produced some nice moments for our couple to remember and share from their big day.

To view more images from Holly and Adam’s wedding day, hit the jump below.







~ by Stephanie Book on June 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Holly & Adam – Kicking off the Regional Season”

  1. Hi Katie,

    Thanks for your comment! I started this blog only earlier this year, and in the last several weeks have begun ramping up some new content – galleries and multimedia – to appear soon. I am now also trying to incorporate other types of social media as well. I’ll certainly keep posting if you keep reading!

    You have some nice work on your blog – very vintage feel. You might consider selling stock images making that vintage look your trademark. This guy (http://www.arcurs.com/) is the best! And his blog is really informative.

    Thanks again.


  2. Your work is beautiful. I would love to see more of it posted on your blog.

    I just started selling my own photography, but I still consider myself very much an amateur. It is definitely a thrill to read about someone who is really making a living at it.

    Keep posting 🙂


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