Two artists gellin’


This month I had the privledge of working with an art major alumn from my alma mater, and old friend. Frank Juarez is an art teacher and the department chair at Sheboygan North High School in Wisconsin. An active painter and art community organizer, his work is accepted to numerous exhibitions every year. A former Milwukee-gallery owner, Frank is the executive director and president of the Sheboygan Visual Artists (SVA), an organization he founded to nurture and empower the artists community in Sheboygan.  Having held board positions with the Milwaukee Area Teachers of Art (MATA) and the Wisconsin Art Education Association (WAEA), he was recently nominated for president of the WAEA. With all that he is doing, updated headshots were in order. We shot many images both in studio and on location, professional and casual. The image shown here was done in the ally next to my building where we played with some gells for a warm and contrasty sunset feel.

~ by Stephanie Book on April 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Two artists gellin’”

  1. Hey Jeff, You seem like exactly the type of artist Frank is trying to connect with. He is actually an abstract painter, but the community he has developed includes all kinds. You should look them up –

  2. To nurture and empower the artists community in Sheboygan. Yeah but if your art is not of trees and flowers or political, THEN they snub you off. Happened to several people I know. Its a art clique and if you dont fit a mold your not in. THAT is not nurture !!! That is suppression of the arts !!!

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