Serving students and technology


The past several weeks I have been spending time at several schools in Chicago photographing students using technology in the classroom and teachers innovatively incorporating technology into their lessons. The schools have been very accomodating. These opportunities have been fun, and I am impressed with the concentration of the students. As unobtrusive as I aim to be when I enter these classroom, I do at times feel like the elephant in the room. But they seem to work right through my precense and allow me to become the fly on the wall. These visits have also been enlightening as to the challenges teachers and administrators face in aquiring technology today. Of course funding, especially now, is a major component. Despite the challenges they face, I am amazed at what our students have access to today. I am reminded how long it has been since I attended grade school and toiled away many hours in our six-station media center on my high school student newspaper. Let’s face it, technology today is such and integral part of society, a school without accessible technology at almost any grade level is a disservice to the students.  These trips certainly serve to reinforce for me how proud I am to be serving the District to promote the use of technology.

To view more images from this school shoot, hit the jump below.






~ by Stephanie Book on March 3, 2009.

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