Finding my Balance at the new gig



As many of you know, I have several gigs. I have my photography work, an independent documentary film, and just recently I began a new daytime gig at Chicago Public Schools in the Information & Technology Services department as a Marketing/Communication Specialist. This new opportunity has been fantastic, enabling me to shoot regularly and create communications that help the schools educate children.

This week, at my daytime gig, I did a photo shoot for a marketing campaign encouraging those in the central office to better use a program that assist in tracking and balancing your workload and resources. The concept is all about Balance. In this series, some of the environmental images are composited, and some are shot straight. Also, I recently purchased a set of Pocket Wizard remote triggers to use two off camera strobes. This was a fun opportunity to put them to the test. Employees from the department posed for the shoot and everyone had a fantastic time! This sets the tone for what should be many more fun and interesting shoots and opportunities to experiment with new photography techniques.

To view more images from this shoot, hit the jump below. 


Balance - Group1






~ by Stephanie Book on January 20, 2009.

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